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Top Places To Visit In Australia This Summer Holidays

Hotel Near Port Fairy

Are you planning to explore Australia in this new year’s holidays with your loved one? This blog is only for you. There are many places to visit in Australia. Among them, we have sorted out 4 beautiful places that you should visit. What are they?

Port Fairy: If you love a lonely space or want to relax with your loved ones then visiting Port Fairy can be the best option. This small coastal town is situated in south-western Victoria. In Port Fairy, the Moyne River meets with the Southern Ocean. It is a very beautiful place to stay with loved ones. Here are so many places to visit such as Griffith’s Island, Whale Bone Art Gallery, Battery Hills, Blarney Books & Art etc. Griffiths Island is very popular in Port Fairy. This island is ideal for a morning or evening walk. You will also enjoy the photogenic view of this island. So, book a hotel or Motel Near Port Fairy and visit the place in this new year’s holidays with your loved ones.

Adelaide: Adelaide is the coastal capital city of southern Australia. It is famous for its peaceful atmosphere and beauty. Adelaide is bursting with flavours, culture, entertainment, and events. It is a great place to visit in this summer holidays. Here you can find several restaurants and tourist spots such as Adelaide zoo, Adelaide Botanical Garden, South Australian Museum and more. You should also check out Adelaide Central Market for shopping. Apart from that, you can visit the Rundle Mall for shopping and also enjoy the architecture of it. In Adelaide, you can also use visit Carrick Hill for enjoying the spectacular view and natural beauty.

Byron Bay NSW: A hippie-like and laid-back ambience with luxury make the Byron Bay a beautiful holiday spot. It is a wonderful coastal town of NSW. Byron Bay is covered with pristine beaches and coastal trails. It is a place of the paradise of divers, kayakers, snorkelers and surfers. If you want to enjoy the extraordinary underwater life with your loved one then you need to visit this town. You can also enjoy the sunrise from Byron Bay Lighthouse.

Augusta WA: Augusta is a pleasant and small town in Western Australia. You will surely love the atmosphere of this place. Here you can find Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse and drive through the Boranup Karri Forest of Augusta. Apart from that, don’t forget to visit the amazing Jewel Cave.

So, what are you waiting for? Summer holidays are going on. Book your hotel and explore these wonderful places in Australia. You will surely get a wonderful experience and enjoy the holidays with your loved ones.


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