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What Are The Most Attractive Places in Port Fairy?

Port Fairy Accommodation

Port Fairy is a small coastal town located at princes highway, south-western Victoria. It is the ideal place for honeymoon and summer holidays. There are several things to explore and several things to see in this small coastal village. You will get the budget-friendly Port Fairy Accommodation as well. Here we will discuss 4 most beautiful places in Port Fairy.

Whale Bone Gallery

Whale Bone Gallery is a co-operative art gallery in Port Fairy. It is operated by 6 local artists. Whale Bone Gallery displays a wide range of interesting exhibits such as jewellery, paintings sculptures, and more. In Port Fairy, this art gallery is the best place for showing talent and creativity. The Whale Bone Gallery always attracts tourists. If you have an interest in art and sculpture then this place is only for you.

Griffiths Island

Griffiths Island is one of the most attractive places in Port Fairy. People visit this place to feel the fresh air and enjoy the photogenic view. It is the place where the Moyne River touches the Southern sea. Griffiths Island is a place of the paradise of the photographers, and evening walkers. Here you can also find a more than 100 years old lighthouse. In short, Griffiths Island is the best place to capture the beauty of nature.

Blarney Books & Art

If you are a book lover then you will surely love the charm of Blarney Books & Art. This gallery offers more something for everyone. Blarney Books & Art stocks a range of new books, secondhand books and a variety of stunning artwork. Many events like book debate, launching, music & performance are hosted here. Your kids will surely enjoy seeing toy trains and fishes at Blarney Books & Art. Apart from that, this gallery is very pet-friendly. You will enjoy the entire atmosphere of this place.

Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve

Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve is another attractive place for the tourists situated at the Great Ocean Road region. This wildlife reserve allows you to get up very close with the most iconic birds and animals in Australia and such as kangaroos, echidnas, emus, wedge-tail eagles, and more. This is a very ideal place for capturing magnificent landscapes and scenery. In Tower Hill Wildlife reserve, a 90-minute walk is conducted by the guides for tourists. Guides provide many informative things about Australia’s native wildlife.

So, these are the most attractive places in Port Fairy. So what are you still waiting for? Book a hotel now and plan your next trip to this beautiful coastal village.

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