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Steps Used To Repair A Carpet With Carpet Patching

Carpet Patching Company

Carpet is a very precious and sophisticated piece used as a house décor. It bears foot traffic regularly. Thus a carpet requires maintenance and proper care. Due to ignorance, spills may cause a deep stain in your carpet which cannot be removed. Sometimes improper carpet cleaning is also responsible to cause damage to your carpet. You may try various methods to restore the original look of your carpet. But it is very difficult. Why not hire a good Carpet Patching Company? Experts can give a professional touch to give a new look to your carpet. The steps used to repair a carpet with carpet patching are mentioned below. Let’s take a closure look at professional carpet patching process.

Step 1

Experts use several types of tools & materials such as donor carpeting, seam roller, double-sided carpet repair tape, carpet knife, etc. They also need the spare part of the carpet. If you don’t have any, they also have the spare parts with them. The pros will provide the material which looks very much similar to your carpeting.

Step 2

The experts will cut the damaged area carefully using an instrument. They use a utility knife to cut the backing of your carpet, avoiding tufts. Replaces the carpet with a remnant of the same size. If you cannot provide the spare parts, they will collect it from the hidden areas such as under beds or staircases. They also carry some spare parts with them. They use the colour which may be slightly different from your carpet. The professionals make sure that the damaged area will not look unpleasant.

Step 3

In this step, the pros use carpet tape that has adhesive on either of its sides. They use good quality tape which is extremely sticky. Thus it will stick perfectly to your carpet.

Step 4

In this step, they will use a carpet roller to rub the areas to blend the patch. The pros pay extra attention to the edges of the carpeting. Thus the patching will match with the rest of your carpeting.

Is your carpet frayed or scorched? Why do you not consider the Carpet Patching? Carpet patching can save you money on replacing your carpet with a new one. Therefore hire a company those who have years of experience. They can handle your piece with great care. You can give them a call to know their services and ask them for a quote. The best company will offer you reasonably priced quality services.

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